Free* Hot Water System (Heat Pump)
For Commercial Businesses(NSW)

Leverage the latest heating technology with our quiet, powerful and easy-to-install range of water heating systems that are eco-friendly, energy efficient, and remarkably fast.
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Get into Clean & green water heating and Reduce Carbon

Heat pumps are the most advanced water heating solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Unlike traditional water heaters, heat pumps do not generate heat. Rather, they use electricity to capture surrounding heat, which makes the process almost three times more effective than traditional solutions.

Our NSW program approved heat pumps provide swift and stable flow of hot water, while also being energy efficient and environmentally conscious. They are designed ground-up in Australia and made specifically for the usage patterns in the country.

Features and Perks

Discover the Perks of New Energy Efficient Hot Water System(HWS)

Wide temp range

With a wide operating temperature range this heat pump is made for Australian conditions. It has an ambient operating range from -7°C to +40°C.

Quiet Operation

Low impact noise, our custom designed fan module allows for quiet operation and effective water heating.

Eco friendly savings

CFC Free, renewable energy. Extracted from the air. Reducing your energy costs by up to 60%. Saving our environment and your wallet.

Government approved

Our Heat Pumps are fully approved under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme , saving you thousands and delivering you saving for years to come.

Quality component

We only supply and install government approved product that is authorised and licensed by government along with Australian Brand.

Licensed Installer

We provide free installation programme for NSW commercial businesses with our licensed electrician and plumber only with verified license and valid insurance

Save Energy, Save Money ,Reduce Carbon and Save Earth

How it works?

  • 1.Cold Water Inlet
  • 2.The Unit pulls heat from the air, even if the air is cool.
  • 3.Heat flows through the condenser coil that transfers the heat to the water
  • 4.Warm air is compressed increasing its temperature ( heating the water).
  • 5.Hot water from the tank is circulated to faucets in the house.
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    Start Saving on electricity bills

How much am I going to save?

Customers transitioning from electrical hot water systems should see an approximate 60% reduction in costs compared to their existing solution.

It if runs all the time, won't it be expensive?

Current electrical systems are extremely inefficient with managing and maintaining optimal heat levels. While the heat pumps in our solution are continuously running, the compressor fan only kicks in when it needs to be refilled. Our tanks are designed to insulate the heat inside and keep the water inside hot for a long time.

What if 215L is just not enough for me?

Our tanks are designed to automatically start the refilling and heating process when water reaches a certain level. Under normal consumption patterns, it would take 6 people bathing back-to-back for a tank to drain completely. If you still have concerns, please reach out to our team to explore a dual-tank setup.

When will the upgrade get done?

Installations are executed in groupings. Our installers will contact you when there are enough bookings in your area.

How much will it cost me?

For Commercial Businesses in NSW its free of cost*. Note: Additional charge may be charged by electrician or plumber if more then 5m of relocation is needed.

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