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Some Frequently Asked Question Related to NSW ESS

1. Why the Offers of NSW is Different from Victoria?

Premises in each state are governed by different schemes, which set the amount of value we can create from the regulated activities. The value we can create in VIC is much higher than NSW for a number of reasons, including the average type of fuel burned to generate electricity is more CO2 intensive in VIC than in NSW, and the long history of the NSW scheme has reduced savings opportunities, for example by enabling free distribution of about 26.9 million CFL light globes in 2004-2011.

For New South Wales premises, we still ensure you get the best deal on energy efficient products, so it’s like getting the installation free!

2. What is the Catch?

There isn’t one. Truly! There are no hidden fees or charges. We give you a complete estimate, and you are not under any obligation to accept any savings opportunities we suggest.

The low cost of your upgrade is made possible by the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. As an Accredited Certificate Provider, we help you get the benefit of ESS incentives for you to invest in energy saving activities.

We work strictly under relevant guidelines, to the highest standards. Our team is professional and efficient, and we use only appropriately licensed and trained assessors, installers, electricians and plumbers.

All our products are high quality brands, tried and tested to Australian standards. All the lighting products we install come with a minimum 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. All our installations have a 1 year warranty on workmanship.

There are some conditions that apply under the ESS, so please read this page carefully and contact us with any questions.

3. Is there any cost involved ?

Yes, for New South Wales premises.

For NSW Residential Households, pay only $49* to replace all of your halogen downlights to modern, safe, money-saving LED downlights including GST, supply & installation of the products.

For NSW Small Business, pay only $33* to replace all of your halogen downlights, including GST, supply & installation of the products.

*15 halogens non-dimmable downlight minimum; no upper limit; replace existing lights only.

For large commercial, get in touch with us or mail us at

4. Who does the Work ?

Sunrise Saves Energy prides itself in maintaining a friendly, polite, efficient and professional team. Our field team comprises of trained, licensed and experienced assessors, installers, plumbers and electricians.

All of our team members receive comprehensive Sunrise Saves Energy training. All contractors hold full business insurance. All of our contractors are fully qualified,  and carry Sunrise Saves Energy Photo ID for your peace of mind.

5. Is my Home or Business Eligible?

To be eligible for the Sydney Super Saver LED Lighting Upgrade Offer:

  • Your home or business must be in the Sydney Metro area. If you’re not sure, give us a quick call to find out.
  • You must agree to replace enough equipment to create 4 Energy Savings Certificates or at least 15 Halogen Downlights. Contact us for more details for different types of lights.
  • Your existing lighting equipment, showerheads must be accessible and serviceable, and – you need to pay the agreed fee for any equipment or services you request.

6. What is the Energy Savings Scheme or ESS?

The Energy Savings Scheme, also known as the ESS, is the NSW-based energy efficiency scheme, is designed to reduce energy consumption in NSW by providing financial incentives for NSW households and businesses. The scheme was established in 2009 under the NSW Electricity Supply Act 1995.

7. What is the energy savings certificate or ESC?

An energy savings certificate, or ESC, pronounced ‘esky’, is essentially a digital environmental certificate represented by an alphanumeric number. Each certificate represents 1 tonne of CO2e (converted from MWh or GJ of energy savings)

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